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Uses thermal oil

Diathermic heating plant shown with integrated tank with mixer


The thermal oil heating plant is made of one or more armoured heaters immersed in thermal oil. The oil is then circulated by a pump to maintain uniform heating.The plant can be used to heat remote tanks or integrated tanks as shown.

The thermal oil temperature is regulated by a working thermostat set by a thermal probe which transfers a signal to a thermo-regulator. A maximum temperature can be set manually and is activated if the set working temperature is exceeded, switching off the heating. The heated oil is circulated by a pump to a hydraulic circuit which can use the heat generated by the central system for heating various industrial processes (process tanks for example).

Heating systems can be supplied with or without a tank.

Can be used for:

- Heating of fluids

- Heating of remote tanks

- Wide range of sizes

- Cooling as an option

Choice of various options and configurations




THE RO Range

Heating plant with pumped oil circulation

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