barrel mounted mixer

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Fits on standard barrel

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The multi-purpose models MCP are special mixers that are designed to fit directly on the top of standard 205 litre drum.

The base of the mixer acts as a drum cover and is retained by the standard drum clamp.

It is designed for maintaining a consistent mixture of paints, glues, lacquers, catalysts, primers and insulators during use.

The models are equipped with an inner stirrer, powered by a motor placed on the top of the cover. Suitable for standard open-top 205 litre drums. They can be made in different sizes on request.

Models available with immersed heaters, suction tube and remote control box.

Available in ATEX certified versions

Main applications

- Storage of chemical products

- Heating of glues

- Mixing of resins

- Mixing and Heating of foodstuffs





Mixer fits on standard drum

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