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We provide a complete range of standard and custom built industrial mixing tanks and vessels with heating. The equipment is designed for agitating, blending and controlling the viscosity of various liquids and can be supplied in standard or ATEX rated versions.

Our range includes mobile and static tanks with a range of capacities that are ideal for paints, adhesives, resins, solvents, waxes, foodstuffs and much more. A variety of mixing and heating tanks are available with various mixers, temperature ranges and mixer speeds.

Standard or custom built machines with ATEX rated a speciality

Our equipment is suitable for heating liquids and melting solids

The fixed vertical tank range

The tanks are heated and have an internal stirrer suitable for different products in many industries. More

Our units are available in non-explosion proof or explosion proof depending on the application and location.

30 litre to 5000 litre capacities

Choice of  explosion proof version

Customisation is standard for us. We will produce a machine that meets your requirements exactly. Tanks in different materials, various mixer designs, loading and unloading systems to name a few. Tell us what you want and we will build it.

Choose when to heat and when to mix

Vari-TIL Q with tipping heated tank, bottom mounted mixer. Diathermic oil heating for controlled process temperature.

Top mounted inspection hatch with easy to use single lock lever.

The power assisted tipping tank is ideal to unload contents without the need for a valve, no blockages, simply rotate and pour.

Tipping tanks 30 to 160 litre
Wide range of sizes available
Heated mixing tank Vai-fix T Viscosity control ATEX certified an option

Wide range to choose from to suit most applications

Heated Mixing tankIndustrial heating and mixing tanks to control viscosity

Standard or ATEX certified for flammable zones

High quality, robust design, safe to useProgrammed mixing and heating

Ideal for unloading difficult products

Can heaterHeated tank vari-fixView our range of models

Standard model range